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Connect with friends, practice together and motivate eachother.

We aim to welcome people from around the world into the path of holistic wellness by making yoga accessible to students of all fitness levels, ages and abilities.

YogiFi Digital for Live Group classes

A platform to practice Yoga with a live instructor where the teacher can use the mat feedback to help with your practice.

Access to a personal trainer of your choice

  • Choose a personal trainer to work with on your wellness goals. 
  • YogiFi offers the first session for free and the following sessions can be scheduled with the teacher based on your needs.
  • Your personal trainer can provide personalized recommendations based on your practice summary.

Yoga for Every Body

YogiFi aims to welcome everybody into the path of yoga by delivering programs that suit Every Body regardless of flexibility, age, gender or body shape. 

Whether you are a beginner looking for improving flexibility, an athlete desiring to maximize sports performance, a senior citizen trying to strengthen immunity, a pregnant woman seeking prenatal yoga benefits or a busy mom looking for quick energy booster sessions, there is a program for Every Body on the YogiFi Mobile App. 

Programs curated by expert teachers from the land of yoga and across the world

  • Access the classes designed by expert yoga teachers.
  • Practice under their motivating instructions and guidance.
  • Bring the World’s greatest yoga minds into your home through our interactive technology.

YogiFi for Yoga Teachers

  • Increase your student outreach across the globe and maximize your social impact.
  • Create an Additional revenue stream in the comfort of their own home.
  • Comprehend your students practice based on the information captured by the mat and provide personalized guidance.
  • Enjoy more power and freedom as opposed to the constraints of studio owners.

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