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on this International Yoga Day!

In coordination with America’s Book of Records, YogiFi by Wellnesys Inc., is excited to announce its attempt in setting a new world record for the first and largest virtual yoga event. Hosted through the YogiFi mobile app, we ask 10,000+ yogis to participate in a 15-minute Hatha yoga class.

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On the day of the event –

  • Download the free YogiFi app via the App Store or the Google Play Store (compatible with Android and Apple devices).

  • Take the 15-minute “WORLD RECORD” session led by YogiFi AI Trainer anytime between 12:01 p.m. EST on June 20th to 11:59 p.m. EST on June 21st. 

  • After completing the class, participants are requested to share a picture as a proof of participation on social media using #YogiFiWorldRecord to receive the official e-certificate from America’s Book of Records (ABR).

  • The participation certificate will be emailed to you directly by the ABR organization within 2 weeks after the successful accomplishment.





We are thrilled to coordinate this record-breaking event with America’s Book of Records. At its core, YogiFi strives to give yogis the resources to practice yoga anytime and anywhere, and this event is to showcase the ease and accessibility of yoga at home and its benefits. We welcome yogis at all walks of life and from all over the world to join us and help create this world record!


YogiFi began with the chronic debilitating back pain of one of the founders, Murali Somisetty. Two years ago, he reversed his chronic back pain with the help of Yoga and it inspired him to become a certified yoga instructor so he could help more people.  Being a yogi with a technology background, he wanted to do something unique that would seamlessly integrate the ancient practice of Yoga into the modern lifestyle leveraging technology.

YogiFi is the first smart yoga mat revolutionizing the at-home yoga experience by leveraging AI and Computer Vision (CV) technologies. Equipped with a built-in innovative sensor layer, the smart mat tracks your yoga postures and offers suggestions to help correct your posture in real time. With YogiFi’s real-time feedback, you’ll never again wonder, “am I doing this right?” Eliminate the guesswork & strengthen your yoga practice. All in the comfort of your own home!

EMAIL: support@yogifi.io

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“I am a big fan of the Yogifi product. A yoga trainer may give you feedback about the visual mistakes, but the mat gives you in-depth feedback about your balance and endurance.”

-Darlene Valenciana

“YogiFi is truly building a platform where Yoga is for EVERY BODY and EVERY TEACHER! Yoga is for you regardless of your body type and skill level.”

-Shianti Lee

“Recommend to fellow students as an easy stress relief option.”

Natalie Dubishar

“Everything in this world continues to evolve over time, so is Yoga. It was accessible to a select few in the past and with YogiFi, people can now have access to quality and personalized classes. It’s important to accept new ways to practice in the current times. “


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