Employee Wellness at Workplace or Remote Working location

Yoga at workplace has been proven to lead to greater job satisfaction and increased productivity. YogiFi is the cornerstone of any modern employee wellness program. Employees can be free to choose an instant practice session at their convenience in addition to scheduled classes. It’s the perfect way to add value while reducing overhead costs.

Delight your employees, guests, customers, members, patients or anyone with this cool Fitness/Yoga mat.

Hospitality Industry

Offer an added value to your guests by allowing them to practice yoga in their rooms with YogiFi Mat while the common workout areas like gym and swimming pool remain closed during the COVID times. Guests will be thrilled to know that they can check out the YogiFi mat at your hotel and continue their workout while staying at your property.

Fitness Studios

  • Increase revenue and member retention by making the YogiFi Professional Mat available to your members. It solves the problem of members not signing up for classes due to inconvenient scheduling.
  • When a member can’t make a class time due to the current situation, they can still have a guided session with a virtual instructor on the YogiFi Digital platform.
  • Gym members will be delighted with this convenient addition to your Fitness Studio to help with warm-up routine before their strenuous workout .

Health Care Organizations 

Patients are often required to exercise and stretch as part of their recovery. Up until now, there’s been no reliable way to track if patients are performing these physical therapy motions regularly, or even correctly. With the YogiFi Mat, patients can receive personal guidance while recovering, even at home.


All you need is a 3ftx6ft and 15 minutes for a quick joint mobility program before you board your flight!

Keep your yoga practice strong while travelling!

  • YogiFi mat is lightweight, portable and easy to carry around. You can optionally choose a YogiFi jute bag from our collection, after we launch the product.
  • Simply select your favorite yoga class from the YogiFi app, connect to the mat via Bluetooth and start your practice. This feature is particularly useful if you are a frequent traveler, as you never have to miss the routine while on the move.

Guided yoga practice Anywhere/Anytime. 

  • YogiFi mat comes with a rechargeable battery than can last up to 4-5 hours on a single charge. With this, you would be able to take the mat outdoors to your favorite location and have a refreshing guided yoga practice.
  • Experience the flexibility and freedom of practicing yoga anywhere/anytime with YogiFi.