What is included with the mat ?

Along with YogiFi Mat, you get YogiFi App preloaded with 25 freemium programs and 50 asanas (poses), USB 3.0 Cable for charging the mat, Yoga mat harness strap and a cellphone holder that holds the phone/tablet at an angle that is helpful to the user.

How to clean the mat ?

YogiFi mat can be cleaned like a regular yoga mat with a wet cloth and soap water. You may also use baking soda and water solution for spot cleaning.

What's the Warranty on the mat and what is covered in the warranty.

We provide 1 year of warranty for any damage that is not done by the user.

Can you use props with the mat?

We plan to include programs with props in the future releases. The current YogiFi mat will receive the necessary software updates via App and will be able to support props.

Can the YogiFi Mat be used by multiple people?

Yes, the mat can be used by multiple, but each person should have a separate account on the YogiFi App and need to login to the respective account and then connect to the mat.

What type of Yoga is supported on YogiFi Mat?

Classic Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow based Programs are currently supported. we will be supporting other yoga programs and more with software upgrades down the line.

How long does the YogiFi Mat work when it is not directly plugged into an electrical outlet?

The mat is expected to work on rechargeable batteries for 4-5 hours of active use.

Can the YogiFi Mat be used both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, YogiFi Mat can be used both indoors and outdoors and on various surfaces. It is portable and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Is there a height and weight restriction?

The weight limit is 30lbs to 350 lbs. Beyond that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pressure data for certain postures.
Regarding the height, for people taller than 6 ft, the limbs may go off the mat on certain postures.

How does the YogiFi Mat recognize the position of the limbs that are not in contact with the mat?

For every posture, the pressure distribution on the Mat changes based on the position and alignment of the upper body. YogiFi Mat is trained on various poses by expert yoga teachers and the mat understands the signature of the limbs and pressure distribution for each pose. When more people start using the mat, our AI learns from different body types, understand the subtle differences in pressure and adjusts it’s guidance based on each body type.


What programs are included with the YogiFi Mat ?

Multiple Programs to address various various health goals such as General Fitness , Energy Booster, Mind-Body Balance, Weight Management, Diabetes, Hypertension,  Back Pain Relief, Anxiety and Depression.

Is there a monthly subscription fee ?

There is no monthly subscription fee. There are Freemium programs that are available for free and Premium programs that can be paid per use.


How can I join as a YogiFi teacher

Send us an email on our contact page with details about your yoga background.

What benefits do I have as a Yoga teacher ?

– Increase your student outreach across the globe and maximize your social impact.
– create an Additional revenue stream in the comfort of their own home.
– Comprehend your students practice based on the information captured by the mat and provide personalized guidance.
– Enjoy more power and freedom as opposed to the constraints of studio owners.


Long-lasting design

YogiFi has been designed by our Industrial Design experts, keeping in mind how people use the product on a daily basis. Both the Mechanical elements and the Mat Materials were chosen to give the required physical strength and tolerance, to sustain the daily rough usage. The materials have gone through various stress and impact testing cycles to ensure the longevity of the product.

Reusability and recyclability

YogiFi has only eco-friendly materials in it’s product. As a company that is focussed on holistic wellness, we have been conscious about both individual as well as environmental health. We have leveraged either reusable or 100% recyclable materials that are either bio-degradable or malleable including our mat, sensor fabric and the components.

Sustainable materials

YogiFi uses high-quality natural /PU rubber which are non-toxic and environmentally sustainable mat materials. Our sensor layers too use non-toxic sheets.

Environmentally friendly factories

YogiFi has been working with only those manufacturing partners / vendors who have been adopting environmental friendly practices and compliant with ISO-14001 certification.

Sustainable Distribution

We have set up multiple assembly units at different locations, to optimize the shipping and distribution and fulfill the orders efficiently coming from those local regions. We have also partnered with a Global Logistics and Distribution company who is capable of delivering the product to backers across the globe.